Website Features

We've now added 1 more feature to this list!


We've listed some of the features that we can add to your website for you....

Google Maps

We can add Google Maps to your location whether it be One location or Multiple locations.

Social Media

We can help you gain followers by adding direct links to your social media accounts.

More Customers

We can help get you more customers by getting people to subscribe to your mailing list, which in turn makes them become customers rather than subscribers.


We deal with setting up your custom domain DNS (Domain Name System) meaning you have nothing to worry about.


We sort your SEO out and make sure that people come to your website for the right reasons.


Most if not all of the websites we make will come with an SSL meaning use of the HTTPS protocol and meaning that your website will be secure. Making sure that the visitors to your website trust your website is one of the best ways to start.


We can make some parts of your website private, meaning only members can see them.


We can add forms such as contact forms to your website so that your customers can contact you by just simply completing your contact form, we can add other forms too but a contact form is the main one.


We can add statistic features to your website, for example a referrer so you can find out where your website visitors came from such as if they have come from Google or Twitter. You can also find out how many visitors you've had. 


We can add an online shop to your website allowing you to sell your products right from your website.


We can add PayPal check out to your online store, PayPal is one of the easiest, most well known and secure payment systems in the world.


We can add a blog to your website so that you can share your latest news and achievements, or even your thoughts.


We can add a forum to your website so that you can create a community on your website, meaning no need to spend more money or time on creating a separate forum based website. 


We can add a gallery to your website to showcase your current and/or past works.