You & The Fiverr Pro Website Advert

If you use YouTube a lot you have probably come across the Fiverr Pro Website Ad, and your probably wondering why we have written this post over an advert.... So let us tell you why. It is all well and good the Fiverr Ad telling you that all you need is a website and to go to the Fiverr website to find a pro to create and develop it for you, which is where our problem comes in to it. So have a look at our reasons on why you shouldn't go to Fiverr to get someone to create your website...


When looking at someone who you think can build you the perfect website, you need to make sure that you have a proper contract signed personally by you and the person building your website.... How do you know that the person is willing to meet up with you and sign a legal contract?


When Fiverr was founded it was made for services you can be provided with for from $5, but since it started prices for services have gone up and up and up.... Why? Its called FIVERR!

The PRO, is he/her genuinely a PRO?

So you see a supposed pro's Fiverr profile and your thinking that they are exactly the kind of person you're looking for... But how do you know that they are genuinely a PRO?

We aren't saying don't use or don't trust Fiverr, but keep them small details in your mind and ask yourself, if they are a true PRO why are they advertising their services on Fiverr?

Aside from the details that we are truly worried about, Fiverr is and will continue to be a great marketplace for people all around the globe!