Our Closure – Which Websites Will Stay Live, And Which Will Close?

As you may have heard, Gaz’s Web Services Ltd will soon close down but some of our websites for now at least will stay live, websites that will close and that will stay up and running are listed below for your information, however there isn’t yet a date as to when our websites including this one will close.

Websites that will close are as follows:

  1. Gaz’s Web Services Ltd
  2. GWS Photography
  3. Web Xtreme

Websites that will stay live are as follows:

  1. Cookies & You
  2. Stay Safe, Be Safe

To be decided:

  1. Eazytech

The date as to when we will close these websites is still being decided and services continue as normal until this date, any services still being provided will continue until they have been provided in full.

We will update our Twitter and Facebook feeds with updates until such time when we have decided a date on which the websites marked to close will be shut down.

Thank you.