Anyone who loves Virtual Reality (VR) knows and has heard of Oculus, the company is one of the VR Giants, but not everyone realises that Oculus is actually owned by Facebook and was acquired by facebook on 25/03/2014, although Oculus had not long since launched a prototype development of its headset, Facebook paid $2 or $3 Billion (There is some confusion as to the price).

Oculus has become the real leader since then, and not a lot of time has passed.

Facebook has made Oculus even better although having never been in the Virtual Reality industry before the acquisition.

Oculus has some great features with some listed below –

  • Head Tracking
  • Display Size of 5.7″
  • HDMI Video Input
  • Resolution of 960 x 1080 for each eye

Oculus is set out to keep developing great VR products for the foreseeable future.