Is PayPal and Its Processes Outdated?

We’ve all heard of PayPal and most of us have used it at least once, but some of us have discovered that its systems and its processes are outdated and are not in line with the latest technologies even with its new look and supposedly new policies.

Most of us won’t have an issue with PayPal and most of us use it very often, meaning that billions of £’s, $’s, €’s and other currencies go through its systems every year and it is the most used and most popular payment gateway in the world.

However, some of us have experienced problems with its systems and its outdated ways of doing things, even with major issues like things not being as clear as they should be or not being as clear as we’d expect them to be, we’ve heard of many people having had issues after closing a dispute they’d opened not realising that they couldn’t re-open a dispute once its closed by them. This is something that may be displayed in dialog when closing a dispute but is not clear enough for users to notice it.

This means that PayPal will not help their users after this time, giving users no other options than to contact their card issuers to get their money back, which we should stress you can do, but it also means leaving you with no credit/debit card to use with online retailers for days until a new card arrives through the post.

PayPal insists this is their policy and is down to their systems, however this seems outdated, especially with a lot of the people using the service being the elderly whom don’t realise that as soon as they click close, that is the end of PayPal’s help.

We’ve also been told that you can also contact PayPal via telephone, but they stick to, if you closed the dispute yourself that it can’t be re-opened.

When we spoke to PayPal ourselves regarding this practice, they insisted that if the user closes the dispute themselves, there is nothing they can do, and when we said “Well what about if the elderly close the dispute” they said the same thing, that if the user clicks close him/herself, that’s it.

No matter what, that is what they stick to…. Surely this is well outdated and should be looked at again to be made better and more clear to the user first.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on this practice, and what should be done about it!