Clever Fixes

As the Cambridge Analytica scandal shows Facebook tracks you all over the web to get as much data as possible, meaning there wasn’t much that the tech giant didn’t know about you, whether you was on Facebook’s websites and apps or not…. A fact that a lot of countries weren’t happy with including UK Parliament and Congress.

At the time, there wasn’t much you could do about this apart from not using the internet at all meaning you would be disconnected from everything… But Mozilla’s Firefox team has come up with a brilliant extension that can be added to Firefox basically blocking Facebook from tracking you apart from when you are on Facebook itself which will possibly annoy Facebook but all users of the internet will love. This new extension is called Facebook Container and what it does is isolates everything you are doing from Facebook unless you are on Facebook, the Firefox team has come up with a lot of other great extensions in the years before this but this is guaranteed to cheer web users up and rightly so!

You can install this great extension by clicking this link.

Maybe you can now use the web knowing that your other browsing data is being hidden from Facebook!

Gaz’s Web Services Ltd team.