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Behind Palsta

Why did we make Palsta?

Gaz’s Web Services Ltd created Palsta as the new online safe place, and since we created it we have spoken to Greater Manchester Police, Safer Rochdale, Europol amongst some other organisations so that we can make Palsta as safe as possible and we have got continued support of the police in Greater Manchester and others…

Palsta will continue to get greater security and we will continue to learn, we want to… But we also want Palsta to be good for everyone 13 years of age and up, we will not tolerate intimidation or any kind of abuse and hopefully we have made that clear but just in case we haven’t we are currently developing another website for Palsta where you can get support, learn and get links to organisations that can help you if you feel the need.

You can join Palsta for free by going to the Sign Up page.

Email: for more information!

Truth Of Apple’s Two Factor Authentication

Apple Two Factor Authentication security sounds great but the truth is although it makes your Apple ID a lot more secure, it can also stop YOU from accessing your Apple ID… Let’s say you change your phone number or your trusted phone gets stolen, if you contact Apple you’ll see a roadblock as Apple will not ask you some security questions, they say they can only advise… But the advice in many cases doesn’t help you retrieve your phone numbers or access your iCloud email account!

Apple claims that they can only ask you to tell them the mobile number linked to your Apple ID, but what if you don’t know it? Well, then you’re stuck!

See Two Factor Authentication sounds a lot more secure, but surely you should be able to gain access to your own Apple ID? Well you can’t and you can’t be asked any security questions, so doesn’t having security questions with answers only you know sound better? Our advice… Think about how much information is linked to your Apple ID and how much you need that info.

Security questions sound old-fashioned but using them allows you to be secure in the knowledge that you can always gain access to your Apple ID when the time comes!