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How To Find Your Windows Product Key

Ever wanted to find your Windows product key? There is a way, Windows stopped placing stickers on there desktop and laptop computers due to people being able steal to the product key and activate Windows on another computer that they already had sometimes meaning that the product key on your new computer was in-able to activate the key due to it having already being used. In this we tell you how you can find your product key.

Here are the steps you need to take!

  1. Go to the Belarc website
  2. Find FREE DOWNLOAD in the menu
  4. Install the application on your computer
  5. Once installed the Belarc Advisor will create a profile of your computer, this is basically where it scans your computer finding out everything about it, including what applications you have installed
  6. The Belarc Advisor will then open
  7. Scroll down to the Software Licenses section
  8. Find your OEM key
  9. Your done

We hope we have helped you in finding your windows product ID.

Skipping The Windows 10 Login Screen

Step 1

1st log into your Windows 10 PC as you would do normally using your password.

Step 2

2nd click Start or press the Windows icon on your keyboard.

Step 3

3rd using your keyboard, type NETPLWIZ

Step 4

The NETPLWIZ command will show in search results with the words "Run Command", when you see it either press ENTER or click it.

Step 5

5th un-tick the option with the words "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" then follow the instructions and finally click Apply.