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About The Product Serial Number

Nearly everyone has heard of and have seen a product serial number and most of us know that it is basically a product finger print that identifies them specifically however most don’t really know much about them, so in this post we’re going to tell you a bit about them.

A serial number is a unique, identifying number or group of numbers and letters given to an individual piece of hardware or software, passports, bank notes and other documents.

We’ll give you an example… A model number for a Samsung Galaxy S8 will always be Samsung Galaxy S8 and that’s true for every Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone therefore the model numbers are identical whilst each of their serial numbers is unique to a specific device.

If your item is stolen but you have got the serial number of that item it means that the police can log the serial number and they happen to come across the exact model as yours and they have reason to check it then they can take a look at the serial number and see if it matches the serial number that you provided them with when you reported that item lost or stolen, they are guaranteed that the item in their possession is yours meaning they can return it to you. So you can understand that even if it seems pointless it is in fact absolutely worth it.

You can see why the product serial number was a brilliant idea and is still used millions if not billions of times globally everyday.

Truth Of Apple’s Two Factor Authentication

Apple Two Factor Authentication security sounds great but the truth is although it makes your Apple ID a lot more secure, it can also stop YOU from accessing your Apple ID… Let’s say you change your phone number or your trusted phone gets stolen, if you contact Apple you’ll see a roadblock as Apple will not ask you some security questions, they say they can only advise… But the advice in many cases doesn’t help you retrieve your phone numbers or access your iCloud email account!

Apple claims that they can only ask you to tell them the mobile number linked to your Apple ID, but what if you don’t know it? Well, then you’re stuck!

See Two Factor Authentication sounds a lot more secure, but surely you should be able to gain access to your own Apple ID? Well you can’t and you can’t be asked any security questions, so doesn’t having security questions with answers only you know sound better? Our advice… Think about how much information is linked to your Apple ID and how much you need that info.

Security questions sound old-fashioned but using them allows you to be secure in the knowledge that you can always gain access to your Apple ID when the time comes!