About Facebook Donations

If you’re a regular Facebook user you’ll have heard of Facebook Fundraising and the name gives away what the feature is, but what do we actually know about Facebook Fundraising? Lets find out….

In December 2013 Facebook enabled a “Donate” button for charities and non-profit organizations to raise money. Approximately two years later in 2015 Facebook released a new fundraising feature, exclusively allowing non-profits to set up campaign pages to raise money for their specific cause. This was expanded in June 2016 to let anyone set up fundraisers on behalf of non-profit organizations and was then expanded again in March 2017 to offer personal users in the United States the ability to raise money, as well as for Facebook Pages to add a “Donate” button to their Facebook Live video streams. In May 2017 fundraisers expanded again with support for communities and sports teams, and then subsequently in September 2017 expanded internationally for charities in Europe.

We know that much so far but without doubt if possible the fundraiser will be expanded again in the future.