This policy was updated at 11:20AM on 30/03/2018
  1. Age-targeted websites developed by us have got age verification measures in place (This is to stop under 13's from joining) the age limit will always depend on the product or service
  2. All emails sent by our company (excluding company newsletters) are sent from Info@gazswebservices.biz
  3. Newsletters are sent from Newsletter@gazswebservices.org.uk
  4. Info about our company can be requested by sending an email to Info@gazswebservices.biz
  5. Payments must be made before services are provided (We will gladly  make changes, if asked)
  6. We will never ask for personal payment details as we take all payments using PayPal's secure payment system
  7. To provide as best a service as possible we require as much information as we can gather
  8. We do not develop websites for anything illegal, explicit or otherwise
  9. Failure to be forthcoming with information about a service we are providing may result in termination with immediate effect due to lack of details
  10. Tweets on Twitter may be archived
  11. We will no longer send images or other files to you via social media, instead they will be sent via Email, this is so we have evidence of correspondence between us and you

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